Why Do I

 Why Do I

Unable to see when I examine me… In abstract blindness of self

 Once again claiming I’ve never sinned… Wearing the mask of perfection

 As I dance the dance of righteousness and pretend I forget to ask…

Why do I… Ignore

The sign burning in my eyes… As I lock the prophecy door

And pretend not to see… The shadow lurking in my mirror

Why do I… Mock

Judgment day and look… Over… Under… Behind… Through

 And away from the lines around my eyes that whisper the truth

Why do I… Avoid

The message from the voice… Shouting within… Calling it noise

As it replays my sins of omission… As I hoard my possessions

Why do I… Refuse

The gift of a life without time… And the chance to clear my mind

As I race the race of disgrace… Wearing a distracted angry face

Why do I… Deny

The answer I prayed for… And knock on the locked door

To see the lips and tongue… Of the one they say will come

Why do I… Pretend

I forget to ask… And race down my path… Trying to pass

Like every day in my wasted past… Why do I… Live this way

Crazy Father’s Daughter-
Texas Style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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