Subconsciously Free

Subconsciously Free

I’ve met travelers on this journey

That claimed the word free

                         Is the great impossibility

                                I’ve also met travelers with wings

That claim they’re always subconsciously free

             Once I met… An ex-convict briefly

Who said perspective defines the word free

That is the kind of logic I believe

                               Once I met… A widowed lady

                  Who cried when she told me

                                That lonely is the silence of free

                Once I met… A hobo on the street

                                Who said he had advice for me

                 Unfortunately nothing was free

So I gave him a twenty

He said being hungry will set you free

And possessions will break your wings

                            And money is the cause of insanity

               Once I met… A man preaching on the street

He pointed and screamed at me

Only God can set you free

Of jealousy… Of hate… Of greed

Funny thing… In it all I’m not sure what to think

But I do know when I dream in sleep

I forget the self-imposed things

That steal my free

Gate of Inward-
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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