Make Someone’s Day

Make Someone’s Day

Somewhere… Someone… Something

                                     Is always waiting patiently…

             To take your love and faith

      To give you greed and hate

To steal your money and property

To destroy hope and loyalty

          So I wait patiently

                                     For golden opportunities

To turn haters into believers

                 To turn takers into givers

                                     To turn destroyers into creators

                                                     I know I can…

                                     Teach nonbelievers how to believe

        Haters to see love is enough

       I know I can…

Turn sadness into forgiveness

                            I know I can…

                                                     Light the path

             For broken and lost souls

As I turn their empty into full

  Now I look for….

                 The lost without a truth

                                         To help them find gratitude

                                           I am ready to go out of my way

      To make someone’s day

Eyes That Attract Lightning-
Texas style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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