Obituary Pages

Obituary Pages

                                       Plausible but un-thinkable

                   Thoughts so strange

                                        As I read the lines

                             Between the words

     Of obituary pages… Defining earthy cages

                               I wonder… Should I wonder

                        If the magical tales are true 

                         Or if fact… Is comingled with fiction

                        Or is it all… Total omission

                                      Of the journey

                                     To a cell in hell

                                             I ask… Should I ask

                                     Are these testimonies

                 Of honor… Of trust and love

                                                 Or a lie of deceit and lust

                          As I look at the eyes

         In the white and black photograph

                           I ask… Could they have been trapped

                                                       In a painful life

                                                       But the obituary page

                   Would never tell

                                Of that musty cell

        Because the day of… Death is a fairy tale

                          Because…Life is in living color… Always

                                  Never in shades of gray

                                                Just a dance… Day after day

                                                   So why does ink on pages

        On the last days before the grave

                  Never… Tell of demons

                                      That carried damaged souls… Away

Whispers From The Cemetery
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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