Wow… Imagine That

Wow… Imagine That

Without much to say… My dad had a way

Of helping me understand… The flaws of my plan

But I never listened… Because I had perfect vision

He cocked his hat… And said… Wow… Imagine that

Then put me in my place… Without much to say

So… You poked that rattlesnake with a stick

Like a dumb ass until you got bit

Wow… Imagine that

So… You pushed that nerd until he was sick of your shit

Then you got hit with his fist

Wow… Imagine that

So… You drove drunk, reckless and fast

In your Corvette until you crashed

Wow… Imagine that

So… Your wife caught you with a kiss on your lips

Then packed light and up and split

Wow… Imagine that

So… 5 to 9 in prison because you wouldn’t listen

And you thought you had perfect vision

Wow… Imagine that

Crazy Father’s Daughter-
Texas Style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy 

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