Feel The Vibration

Feel The Vibration

Things said without words

                                    Are so often never heard

                  But I… So many times

    Feel the vibration

                                        Of spiritual starvation

Without my eyes… I sense spiritual pain

        On a stranger’s face

                                         And without even trying

        I feel hearts beating wildly

As young lovers kiss… On virgin lips

                                     I find that my eyes cry

        When the old and lonely

                                    Count time with a cluttered mind

But when I smell the fear

Of what’s in store

As the soldier leaves for war

To fight the enemy

                                    My heart feels so heavy

                  So I help in my own way

                                             I pray and I pray

That the silent pain… Will go away

            So those with fear

                                  Will feel that angels are near

             That lonely cluttered minds

Will pass in the blink of time

As lonely ends… On this continuous journey

Eyes That Attract Lightning-
Texas style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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