Driving A Worn Out Minivan

Driving A Worn Out Minivan

A long time ago I was wild and reckless… Now I’m tired and restless

My wife says she thinks I’m depressed… I say it’s a midlife crisis

As a younger man my only plan… Was to sing in a country band

Now I’m a fat damn family man… Driving a worn out minivan

I let go of all my dream… To coach my kids soccer team

But when they turn 18… I’ll be moving to Texas Hill country

Now that beautiful day… Seems so damn far away

My youngest is only eight… And I might end up in the grave

My guitar is that the pawn shop… To get the minivan a brake job

When will the madness will stop… So this cosmic cowboy can get off

Back in the day I made the rounds… To every bar in town

Now I’ve put on 20 pounds… And I hate the new country sound

My wife says I need meditation… I think I need self-medication

Or maybe a Texas vacation… Where they still worship Waylon

But here I am… A fat old man… Driving a worn out minivan

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