Death Is A Game

Death Is A Game

The judge told me with a stone cold face

God surely made you on a real bad day

You climbed out of the oven before you were done

He made you from scraps of the damned to hell ones

He mixed the un-mixable and created the un-fixable

He heard the applause from demons and the devil

He sent you to hell but the gate slammed in your face

So you destroyed hell and called it devils fate

You cast a spell on the devil and build your own hell

And started tempting man and all the angels

He said if I thought you fear death I’d hang you high

Put a stake in your chest and pray to God you die

But men like you crave hell, death and fame

And the truth is, you think death is a game

When they took me to jail it became purgatory

As I turned up the heat and burned the judge and jury

 Built My Coffin in Austin
Texas Style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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