Free Only Needs Gasoline

Free Only Needs Gasoline

Driving by with a troubled mind… I saw her big black eye

She held a cardboard sign… I’m running out of time

She had a worried look… And that’s all it took

I was trying to escape… First love turned to hate

The memory of her face… And misguided love fate

Just burning gasoline… In my Chevy time machine

As she looked over her shoulder… I started to wonder

About the knife on her side… About her un trusting eyes

I said I’m going to Boise… She said I’m looking for free

I said free only needs gasoline… Then this Chevy is a time machine

I said this Chevy has wings… And it can swim streams

It can climb the highest peaks… And there’s a gun under the seat

She said help me escape… Love colder than a grave

And my love mistakes… With a man full of hate

She slid over beside me… And reached under the seat

Said just in case baby… Bad love catches me

We made it to Boise… We made love for weeks

Before she flew away free… In my Chevy time machine

She Rode a Rainbow Through Hell
Texas Style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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