INK on Skin

Ink on Skin

 A house, a picket fence… Perfect family and friends

Sunday church service… Playing the game of worship

I wondered what I was missing… I needed something

It always caught my eye… I slowed down as I drove by

When my wife wasn’t around… I headed downtown

Just a hole in the brick… With smoke to damn thick

I found drug deals… And a roulette wheel

There was a blues band… Selling contraband

There was a poker game… The smell of Mary Jane

There was men on the run… Selling stolen guns

Outback was a dogfight… Upstairs ladies of the night

There was original sin… At the bar called ink on skin

I tried everything… I found what I was missing

I damn near choked… On a long line of coke

I bought a Smith & Wesson… From a guy just out of prison

I got an angel tattoo… That said I found the truth

I had a wild ride with Susie… And she took all my money

I never saw the law… Cause they’ve all been bought off

Now I’m baptized in sin… At the bar called ink on skin

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