The Bridge Between Heaven and Hell, Introduction


Rocks in the river grinding on each other

In a dance of freedom without gravity in water

Rocks and people… Some attracting friction

 Refusing to go with the flow

Rocks like people… Grind on each other’s soul

 For reasons unknown

As the river controls which way the rocks will go and roll

The truth is a river knows

But the river will never show which rocks hide the gold

God knows a river never does anything it is ever told

Yeah… I believe a River knows… Things people don’t know

Because a river knows to go with the flow and flow with the go

God knows that a river knows how to make rocks disappear so slow

 As they turn into sand as they tumble and roll

Yeah… I believe someday the rocks will know… Everything the river knows

Then God will speak the truth with words on smooth shiny stones

Stones that will feed a man’s soul with stories to tell

 About a bridge on a river between Heaven and Hell

The Bridge Between Heaven And Hell-
A Story About Changing Preconceived Perceptions About God,
Book 1   of   Unlikely Disciples.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

1 Comment

  1. The read is exceptional, the story perpetual, it is a story that many in life will see themselves in. The scenery that the cosmic cowboy paints on the canvas of your mind will astonish you. The images and the colors, the very sound in your mind as you read these pages Will uplift your soul and bring to the front of your Be-ing such gentle and empathetic emotions that you will remember what God feels like. Read the entire book.
    This is truly one of my favorite reads from the author, however, I say that about all of his work!


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